21 July 2017

Pont Vieux (Old Bridge) over the Gave de Pau River in Orthez, Pyrenées Atlantiques (France)

"..Une brigade de la division Le Cor avait reçu l'ordre de tenter de pénétrer dans Orthez par le pont que l'ennemi avait incomplètement détruit. Elle fut impuissante à se frayer passage jusqu'au moment où l'ennemi eut évacué la ville et marcha alors sur Salles-Pisse par la grande route."...

Marquess of Wellington  about the Vieux Pont in the Orthez Battle

15 June 2017

Brooklyn Bridge in Nueva York City (United States)

“I once started out
to walk around the world
but ended up in Brooklyn,
that Bridge was too much for me.” 

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

12 June 2017

O'Donovan Rossa Bridge over the Liffey River in Dublin (Ireland)

They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! - they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa

10 June 2017

Kornhaus Bridge across the river Aare in Bern (Switzerland)

Le duc Berchtold V. von Zähringen ordonna au seigneur Cuno von Bubenberg de bâtir une ville sur la presqu'île recouverte d'une forêt de chênes. La légende dit que le duc aurait tué un ours et c'est pour ça que Berne s'appelle Berne. "Bär" veut dire "ours" en allemand; après quelques changements, c'est devenu Berne. D'ailleurs le drapeau de Berne représente un ours.

Legend about Bern origin

09 June 2017

New Bridge crossing the Tigris River in Hasankeyf (Turkey)

The town of Hasankeyf in eastern Turkey faces flooding now that parliament has decided that a controversial dam will go ahead, despite local objections. Turkey launched the Ilisu dam project on the river Tigris in the 1950s, but legal battles tied up work on it until 2006. It foresees the flooding of more than 300 sq km (120 sq m) of land, including nearly 90% of Hasankeyf.
The government says the dam will provide the country with much-needed power generation and improve local irrigation, but critics complain that thousands of years of cultural heritage will be lost....

About Hasankeyf
BBC News, 2nd february 2016

Ponte Sant'Angello over the Tiber River in Rome (Italy)

"The Roman evening either keeps still or it sings. No one can behold it without growing dizzy, and time has filled it with eternity"

Jorge Luis Borges

22 May 2017

Albula II Viaduct near Bergun, canton of Graubunden (Switzerland)

"Probably the most beautiful land, the one that I more felt involved is the High Engadine"

"The most beautiful cradle I know for a great river."

Hermann Hesse about this part of Switzerland

Jianying Memorial Bridge across the river Mei in Meizhou, Guangdong (China)

I live at the upper end of the river
And at the other end, you live;
Everyday I long to see you but I cannot
Though from the same river we drink

When will the river go dry?
When can my sorrow come to an end?
Only may your heart be like mine
My love for you will not be in vain

By chinese poet Li Chih-Yi

18 May 2017

Harbour Bridge spanning the Parramatta River in Sydney (Australia)

In her grey majesty of ancient stone 
She queens it proudly, though the sun's caress
Her piteous cheeks, ravished of bloom, confess,
And her dark eyes his bridegroom glance have know.
Robed in her flowing parks, serene, alone,
She fronts the east; and with the tropic stress
Her smooth brow ripples into weariness;
Yet hers the sea for footstool, and for throne
A continent predestined. Round her trails
The turbid squalor of her streets, and dim
Into the dark heat-haze her domes flow up;
Her long lean fingers, with their grey-old nails,
Giving her thirsty lips to the cool brim
Of the bronze beauty of her harbour's cup

Poem Sydney
Arthur Henry Adams

Bridge over the river Maggia in Bignasco, canton of Ticino (Switzerland)

The road leads across a bridge over a mountain stream and past a waterfall.  One time I walked across this stream – many times, as a matter of fact, but one walk was very special.  The war was still going on, and my leave was just over, and I had to get moving again, had to hurry on country roads ...

From The Bridge
by Hermann Hesse about a bridge in Ticino

Mindaugas Bridge over the Neris River in Vilnus (Lithuania)

 The moon is a pill
with a groove
down the middle
anger is a pill
with a groove
down the middle
mindaugas bridge is a pill
with a groove
down the middle
summer is a pill
with a groove
down the middle

Beginning of a poem by lithuanian writer
Aušra Kaziliunaite

09 April 2017

Covered Bridge over the Bouzanne River in Pont-Chretien-Chabenet, Indre (France)

Tu te sou-viens du pont
Qu'on tra-ver-sait na-guèr'
Pour pas-ser la ri-vièr'
Tout près de la mai-son
Le pe-tit pont de bois
Qui ne te-nait plus guèr'
Que par un grand mys-tèr'
Et deux pi-quets tout droits
Le pe-tit pont de bois
Qui ne te-nait plus guèr'
Que par un grand mys-tèr'
Et deux pi-quets tout droits
From the lyrics of Le Petit Pont de Bois
Yves Duteil

Ponte Dom Luis over the Douro River between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal)

Quem vem e atravessa o rio
Junto à serra do Pilar
vê um velho casario
que se estende até ao mar

Quem te vê ao vir da ponte
és cascata são-joanina
erigida sobre um monte
no meio da neblina.

Por ruelas e calçadas
da Ribeira até à Foz
por pedras sujas e gastas
e lampiões tristes e sós

Porto Sentido
Song by Rui Veloso

Pont de Fragnée crossing the Meuse River in Liége (Belgium)

Liége ! ô mon beau pays, o ma ville Eburonne !
Que j’aime ton vieux fleuve et ta vallée en fleur !
Là j’ai de ma jeunesse effeuillé la couronne ;
Tu me gardes mes morts, je t’ai laissé mon cœur.
J’aime tes verts sentiers aux buissons d’aubépines,
Comme un Eden perdu, comme un songe envolé.
Trente ans j’ai respiré l’air pur de tes collines,
Et partout, loin de toi, je suis un exilé.

Edouard Wacken, 1861

31 March 2017

Oberbaumbrucke crossing the Spree River in Berlin (Germany)

"Little in life is uglier than a city at war with itself. Sunday witnessed the latest battle Berlin has waged against itself when representatives of the districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg met on the Oberbaumbrücke bridge to pelt each other with food and foam-rubber clubs. The event held almost every July since 1998 is known as Wasserschlacht, or "water fight," but the weapons are more primitive and disgusting than the name would suggest. Indeed, what started out as a battle fought with flour and water has grown to include eggs, fruits and vegetables... "

Newspaper Der Spiegel
July the 28th, 2008

Benjamin Franklin Bridge over the Delaware Riveren in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States)

I've said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I meant every one. 

David Lynch

Bridge in one of the canals of Xitang Ancient Town, Zhejiang (China)

The long-standing South China waterfront landscapes are the rich natural landscape resources of Xitang, which has been boasting of numerous bridges, narrow lanes and canopy corridors since the ancient time. Covering an area of 24 hectares, there are continuous patches of traditional architecture clusters in the ancient town

Xitang as part of The Ancient Waterfront Towns
 in the South of Yangtze River
UNESCO World Heritage Site

20 March 2017

Niederrhein Brucke crossing the Rhine River in Wesel, North-Rhine Wesphalia (Germany)

 I cannot divine what it meaneth,
This haunting nameless pain: 
A tale of the bygone ages 
Keeps brooding through my brain:
The faint air cools in the gloaming,
And peaceful flows the Rhine, 
The thirsty summits are drinking 
The sunset's flooding wine;

Fragment from the poem Lorelei,
Heinrich Heine translated by Mark Twain

Willis Bridge crossing the Wolf River Harbor in Memphis, Tennessee (United States)

 Help me, information, 
get in touch with my Marie 
She's the only one who'd call me here 
from Memphis, Tennessee 
Her home is on the south side,
 high upon a ridge 
Just a half a mile 
from the Mississippi bridge 

Excerpt from Memphis
song by Chuck Berry

12 March 2017

George V Bridge across the Loire River in Orléans, Loiret (France)

"Ainsi, par un effet du hasard, les deux personnes qui se trouvaient dans la calèche eurent le loisir de contempler à leur réveil un des plus beaux sites que puissent présenter les séduisantes rives de la Loire"

Honoré de Balzac

Thomond Bridge crossing the Shannon River in Limerick (Ireland)

Locally named The Bishop's Lady, this woman is said to have been pushed over the bridge by her partner, drowning in the Shannon. She now looks for others to throw over the bridge. Fingernail-like scratches which can be seen in the bridge are said to belong to either the woman herself or one of her victims.

Legend of Limerick

Bridge over the Ciempiés Creek in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma Island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)

Ese mar que me aleja de ti
no consigue que pueda olvidar
que La Palma es la isla mía
dónde yo aprendí a soñar.
La distancia me hace añorar
el sonido de un timple escuchar
que rompiendo la quieta noche
acompaña a la isa cantar.
Yo Quisiera volver a La Palma
revivir otra vez mi niñez
encontrar el calor de mi gente
aunque vuelva a perderlo después.
Cuando veo una flor
no me puedo olvidar
que una palmera fue
quién me enseñó a amar.

Song Isla Mía
by Ezequiel Perdigón to the La Palma island

04 March 2017

Pont du Gard over the Gardon River near Nimes, Gard (France)

The Pont du Gard was built shortly before the Christian era to allow the aqueduct of Nîmes (which is almost 50 km long) to cross the Gard river. The Roman architects and hydraulic engineers who designed this bridge, which stands almost 50 m high and is on three levels – the longest measuring 275 m – created a technical as well as an artistic masterpiece.

The Pont du Gard as 
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Stanczyki Viaducts over the Biedzianka River near Goldap (Poland)

That, which I hear
which I see,
perhaps you are embarrassed at that,
I am not embarrassed.
Perhaps I would be embarrassed
if there were no water in teh rivers,
but they dripped with coffee,
if people instead of the trees
sighed and rustled with the wind,
or if you didn't know what you know,
if my fatherland
Poland, never existed
then I would be embarrassed.

poem by Janina Jaworska-Demczakowa

03 March 2017

Tiger Lap Gorge Bridge across the river Jinsha near Lijiang City, Yunnan (China)

Tiger Leaping Gorge is the longest, deepest, and narrowest gorge in the world. The Gorge acquired its name because, according to local legend, a tiger once leaped over its rapids to escape from hunters who had chased it into the Gorge.