27 June 2018

Millenium Bridge over the river Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne, England (United Kingdom)

Tilting bridge opens eye to the world.
The world's first rotating bridge, which features a radical engineering design, has opened to the public. About 30,000 people enjoyed the chance to walk or cycle over the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which straddles the River Tyne in north-east England. Engineers have been working on the futuristic "blinking eye" structure since it was floated up the river into position in November 2000.

 17 September, 2001
BBC News

05 June 2018

Suspension bridge over the River Turia in Chulilla, Valencia (Spain)

Río Turia, disputa de regantes,
repartiendo tus dones te has curtido.
Tus acequias bendicen los sembrados
de los campos de verde florecido.
Eres tú, Río Turia, que en metáfora
de narración de espuma te desgranas
mezclando tu plegaria reverente
con el dulce tañer de las campanas.

Excerpts from the poem Fuentes del Turia
Isabel Oliver

24 May 2018

Covered Bridge over the Connecticut River between Cornish (New Hampshire) and Windsor (Vermont) in United States

"To preserve covered bridges. To gather and record knowledge of the history of covered bridges. To collect and preserve pictures, printed, and manuscript matter and other articles of historical interest concerning covered bridges. To do all things, alone or in cooperation with other persons or corporations, necessary or advisable to carry out any or all of the foregoing purposes and objects."

Purpose of the National Society for the Preservation of covered Bridges in U.S.

Pont Saint-Pierre over the Garonne River in Toulouse (France)

A force de regarder le ciel
nous faisons boiter
qui ne s’arrête pas de marcher
comme un mendiant aveugle
La nuit lui donne parfois
sans nous
la monnaie d’une étoile
La beauté qui se perd
nous aime toujours
de nous
avoir perdu

Poeme from Serge Pey, 
poet from Toulouse

19 May 2018

Hernando de Soto Bridge across the Missisipi River between Memphis, Tenesee and New Memphis, Arkansas (United States)

Maybe it was Memphis
Maybe it was Southern summer nights
Maybe it was you maybe it was me
But it sure felt right
Read about you in a Faulkner novel
Met you once in a Williams play
Heard about you in a country love song
Summer night beauty took my breath away
What was I supposed to do
Standing there lookin' at you
A lonely boy far from home

Excerpt from Maybe it Was Memphis
Song by Pam Tills

15 May 2018

Pont Neuf crossing the Garonne River in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne (France)

When the Celtic army looted the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, brought over nearly 70 tons of gold objects.  But soon after his return to Toulouse, the troupe of warriors was suddenly hit by an epidemic that decimated its ranks. Persuaded that they had been victims of the wrath of Apollo, the Celts then threw this "cursed gold" in a lake around the current Toulouse. A few centuries later, the consul Cepion seized a portion of the treasure to bring him back to Rome, without taking care of the curse. But during the transfer, part of the treasure mysteriously evaporated, and the consul was accused of stealing it ... He was then deprived of his Roman citizenship and condemned to exile: the curse of Apollo seemed to have struck again!

Legend of Toulouse

Bridge over a pond in El Grao, Castellón (Spain)

Sailor Tombatossals, fell in in love with a sea mermaid that seduced him with his beauty and his sweet voice. Like any other sailor, he was a tough guy but  had a tender heart. When the storms raged about he coast of Castellón the stone arms of her lover protected her from tides and winds. Futhermore, the sailor asked his friend of battles, Arrancapins, for transporting pines from the nearby mountains and planting them near the sea to give shade on hot summer days and make his  siren feel at home. But like any other mermaid, selfish in nature, she abandoned Tombatossals as soon as the time was favorable.

Legend from Castellón

14 May 2018

Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn in Istanbul (Turkey)

"A person who goes from Fatih to Harbiye via the Galata Bridge set foot in a different civilization and a different culture."

In the novel Fatih-Harbiye
by Peyami Safa

09 May 2018

Golztschtalbrücke over the Golztsch Valley near Reichenbach im Vogtland, Saxony (Germany)

You say to a brick:
    'What do you want, brick?' 
And brick says to you:
    'I like an arch.' 
And you say to brick, 
    'Look, I want one, too, but arches are expensive and I can use a concrete lintel. What do you think of that, brick?' 
Brick says: 
    'I like an arch.'

Architect Louis Kahn

07 May 2018

Old Bridge crossing the Aude River in Carcasonne, Aude (France)

The siege of Carcassone lasted for 5 years and famine was taking its toll. Behind the walls Dame Carcass kept watch alone; she set up straw effigies; she fired off crossbows at the besieging army to give the impression that many defenders remained. In the city, there remained just one small pig and one measure of wheat to feed the population. So Dame Carcass force-fed her pig with the rest of the wheat and hurled it over the walls. The pig burst open on hitting the ground and from its torn belly poured a veritable flood of good grain. Charlemagne immediately abandoned the pointless siege: there was clearly so much grain in Carcassonne that they even fed their pigs on it!

Legend of Carcassonne

Romanesque Bridge over the Ara River in San Nicolás de Bujaruelo, Huesca (Spain)

The mountain seems no more a soulless thing,
But rather as a shape of ancient fear,
In darkness and the winds of Chaos born
Amid the lordless heavens’ thundering–
A Presence crouched, enormous and austere,
Before whose feet the mighty waters mourn.

In a poem by George Sterling

14 April 2018

Bridge of Lions across Matanzas Bay in Saint Augustine, Florida (United States)

The state with the prettiest name,
the state that floats in brackish water,
held together by mangrave roots
that bear while living oysters in clusters,
and when dead strew white swamps with skeletons,
dotted as if bombarded, with green hummocks
like ancient cannon-balls sprouting grass.
The state full of long S-shaped birds, blue and white,
and unseen hysterical birds who rush up the scale
every time in a tantrum.
Tanagers embarrassed by their flashiness,
and pelicans whose delight it is to clown;
who coast for fun on the strong tidal currents
in and out among the mangrove islands
and stand on the sand-bars drying their damp gold wings
on sun-lit evenings.

From the poem Florida
Elizabeth Bishop

13 April 2018

Pont Saint-Pierre over the Garonne River in Toulouse (France)

Une fleur de corail que le soleil arrose
C'est peut-être pour ça, malgré ton rouge et noir
C'est peut-être pour ça qu'on te dit Ville Rose
Je revois ton pavé, ô ma cité gasconne
Ton trottoir éventré sur les tuyaux du gaz
Est-ce l'Espagne en toi qui pousse un peu sa corne
Ou serait-ce dans tes tripes une bulle de jazz?
Voici le Capitole, j'y arrête mes pas

Lyrics from Claude Nougaro

09 April 2018

Footbridge in Belgium

La neige tombe, indiscontinûment,
Comme une lente et longue et pauvre laine,
Parmi la morne et longue et pauvre plaine,
Froide d'amour, chaude de haine.

Emile Verhaeren

Hercilio Luz Bridge between Florianopolis and the island of Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Muito mais do que um caminho de ferro
levitando entre o céu e a terra,
a Ponte Hercílio Luz é
a própria história de Santa Catarina.
Haverá, para uma bela cidade,
símbolo maior do que uma ponte?
Passagem. Travessia. Arco-íris. Levitação.
Um elevado vindo do
Continente, o dito Estreito,
rumo à Ilha, o dito Paraíso.

Poem by Sérgio Da Costa Ramos
about this bridge

Pont de Sant Antoni (St. Anthony Bridge) spanning the river Valira in La Massana (Andorra)

La neige tombe, indiscontinûment,
Comme une lente et longue et pauvre laine,
Parmi la morne et longue et pauvre plaine,
Froide d'amour, chaude de haine.

Emile Verhaeren

05 April 2018

Europabrucke (Europe Bridge) over the Sill River near Innsbruck, Tyrol (Austria)

Wenn wir erklimmen schwindelnde Höhen,
steigen dem Gipfelkreuz zu,
brennt eine Sehnsucht in uns'rem Herzen,
die lässt uns nimmermehr in Ruh.
Sonnige Berge, Felsen und Höhen,
Bergvagabunden sind wir, ja wir!
Sonnige Berge, Felsen und Höhen,
Bergvagabunden sind wir.

When we climb dizzying heights,
climb the summit cross,
a yearning burns in our hearts,
it never leaves us alone.
Sunny mountains, rocks and heights,
Bergvagabunden are us, yes we!
Sunny mountains, rocks and heights,
Bergvagabunden we are.

From Bergvagabunden
Franzl Lang, singer from Tirol

Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge) over the Onyar River in Girona (Spain)

Sota del pont camina l'aigua trista
és l'aigua de la pluja de Tots Sants;
el cel és malva i rosa i ametista,
hi ha un or de fulles pels camins forans.

La Seu dreça la pàl·lida harmonia
de pedra grisa vers el cel llunyà,
i l'àngel guaita la caputxa pia
de Sant Feliu una miqueta enllà.

From the poem Girona a la tardor
Josep Maria de Sagarra (1894-1961)

Memorial Bridge over the Missisipi River between Moline (Illinois) and Bettendorf (Iowa) in United States

By thy rivers gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois, 
O'er thy prairies verdant growing, Illinois, Illinois,
Comes an echo on the breeze. 
Rustling through the leafy trees, and its mellow tones are these, Illinois, Illinois,
And its mellow tones are these, Illinois.

Poem Illinois 
 by C.H. Chamberlain

12 March 2018

St. Johns Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon (United States)

She moved back around here thirty-five weeks ago today
Oh down the lane
At night she walks on the banks and remembers how she
Dreamed of rowing away
And how she left one day
She left with a driven look in her eyes
Came back around with it still inside
They said give it some time and you'll forget about it too
We know they always do
Well I know.

Some fine day
You will find your way across the river
Row down slow
There's a long way to go
Across the river

Lyrics from Across the River
by Bruce Hornsby whose videoclip shows this bridge

Zurriola Bridge crossing the Urumea River in San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa (Spain)

Here we are!
We too!
always happy,
always joyful!

There is a Sebastian in heaven
an only San Sebastian in the world.
He is the Saint and this is the people
¡here it is our San Sebastian!

Marcha de San Sebastián
Raimundo Sarriegi

13 February 2018

Bolte Bridge across the Yarra River in Melbourne (Australia)

Once the water of the Yarra was locked in the mountains. This great expanse of water was so large that the Woiwurong had little hunting ground.  Mo-yarra, slow-and-fast-running, was the headman of the Woiwurong. He decided to free the country of the water. So he cut a channel through the hills. However only a little water followed him. At a later time the new headman of the tribe, Bar-wool, resolved again to free the land. He cut a channel up the valley with his stone axe. In Warr-an-dyte he met Yan-yan, another Woiwurong, who was busily engaged in cutting a channel for the Plenty River in order to drain Morang. They joined forces, and the waters of Moorool and Morang became Moo-rool-bark, the Place-where-the-wide-waters-were. They  had to go much slower now because the ground was much harder. They were also using up too many stone axes. At last they reached Port Phillip and the waters of Moorool and Morang rushed out. The country of the Woiwurrong was freed from water but Port Phillip was inundated.

Indigenous legend of the Yarra valley

Bridge over the Salobre River in Salobre, Albacete (Spain)

En el Salobre las hojas
en Alcaraz está el árbol
en el Salobre las hojas
y en Villapalacios nena
la flor de mozos y mozas
en Alcaraz está el árbol.

Traditional song from Albacete

09 February 2018

Old Bridge over the river Inn in Innsbruck (Austria)

Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen,
ich fahr dahin mein Straßen,
in fremde Land dahin.
Mein Freud is mir genommen,
die ich nit weiß bekommen,
wo ich im Elend bin.
Innsbruck, I must leave you;
I will go my way
to foreign lands.
My joy has been taken away from me,
that I cannot achieve
while being abroad.

From a traditional song

Pont Rialto crossing the Canal de Briaire in Briaire, Loiret (France)

"Le deffunct Roy... avoit jugé‚ de pouvoir rien‚
ètre fait de plus utile et advantageux au public pour le commerce et transport des marchandises et denrées de province en autres et particuliérement en notre bonne ville de Paris que la communication des riviéres de Seine et de Loire par le moyen d'un canal navigable depuis Briaire jusques en notre ville..."

Letter by Louis XIII of France, september 1638