19 November 2017

Varadin Bridge over the Danube River in Novi Sad (Serbia)

"...When we crawled up the hill, below us in the dawn, was pointed out the Danube, gray, misty. All this fog, behind which you could see the sky was immense and endless! Green hills, like islands above the earth, disappearing as early as dawn..."

About the Danube in Serbia
in a writing by Milos Crnjanski

Brooklyn Bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York (United States)

“New York is an ugly city, a dirty city. Its climate is a scandal, its politics are used to frighten children, its traffic is madness, its competition is murderous.
But there is one thing about it - once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough.” 

John Steinbeck

17 November 2017

Vysocina Bridge spanning the valley of the Oslava River in Velke Mezirici (Czech Republic)

I know a glade, spring crystal clear,
in deepest woodland, crowned
by shady ferns in silhouettes,
red heather all around.

There thirsty hinds and songbirds sip,
by the old sycamore,
the birds by blazing light of day,
the hinds by night, no more.

Once the deep woods to dreams succumb,
everything hushed and still,
the heaven’s dome and woodland spring
with golden starlight fill

From czech writer Jósef Vaclav Sládek

08 November 2017

Bridges over the Moldava River in Prague (Czech Republic)

Behold, Prague! – Vision sparkles, blearing – Prague!
The name alone sings. The mere sound of it
rapturously gets down into the strings of the Czech spirit
and sets the heart beating a thunderous throb.
Let foreign pilgrims take your modest measurements
and scorn, Prague, your graying robes:
to us in your beauty, ancient gloom
you are luscious Naples, you are proud Rome! 

Poem by Svatopluk Cech

29 October 2017

Shinkyo Sacred Bridge over the river Daiya in the Futurasan Shrine, Nikko (Japan)

A priest named Shōdō and his followers climbed Mt. Nantai in the year 766 to pray for national prosperity. However, they could not cross the fast flowing Daiya River. Shōdō prayed and a 10 foot tall god named Jinja-Daiou appeared with two snakes twisted around his right arm. Jinja-Daiou released the blue and red snakes and they transformed themselves into a rainbow-like bridge covered with sedge, which Shōdō and his followers could use to cross the river. That is why this bridge is sometimes called Yamasugeno-jabashi, which means the "Snake Bridge of Sedge"

Legend of Shinkyo Bridge

28 October 2017

Painting of the Pont d'Espagne in Cauterets, Hautes Pyréneés (France)

Sur ces monts des pins aussi vieux que le monde
A leur pied se dèploi una pleinte féconde
Au mileu de ces champs paraissent des hamaux,
de bergers fortunés de nombreux troupaux

From Les Pyréneés de la Bigorre
by Arnaud Abbadie

Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi River between Rock Island (Illinois) and Davenport (Iowa) in the United States

...The Pacific Railroad proper finds its terminus at this important Nebraska town. Omaha is connected with Chicago by the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, which runs directly east, and passes fifty stations.
A train was ready to start when Mr. Fogg and his party reached the station, and they only had time to get into the cars....

From Around the world in eighty days
by Jules Verne

Rachel Carson Bridge crossing the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (United States)

“It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know the sense of wonder and humility. ” 

Rachel Carson

20 October 2017

Saint Nazaire Bridge over the Loire River between Saint Nazaire and Saint Brevin les Pins, Loire Atlantique (France)

Je chante pour la Loire
Qui coule sans répit
Je berce dans le soir,
La loire dans son lit.

Je chante ses bâtisses
Et ses manoirs anciens.
J'admire ses esquisses,
Poètes, musiciens.

Je chante ses Eglises,
Ses Chapelles et Croix.
J'invite ses Marquises,
Ses Comtes et ses Rois.

Poeme Je chante pour la Loire
Dominique Simonet

30 August 2017

Bridge over the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad, old Königsberg (Russia)

The origins of graph theory are humble, even frivolous …  The problems which led to the development of graph theory were often little more than puzzles, designed to test the ingenuity rather than the stimulate the imagination.  But despite the apparent triviality of such puzzles, they captured the interest of mathematicians, with the result that graph theory has become a subject rich in theoretical results of a surprising variety and depth. 

Leonard Euler, about the Königsberg Bridge Problem, origin of Graph Theory

17 August 2017

Golztsch Viaduct over the Golztsch River Valley between Mylkau and Netzschkau, Saxony (Germany)

Vogtlandheimat traut und schön, Land der frischen grünen Auen. deine waldumrauschten Höhn tief hinab zu Tale schauen, wie ein Spielzeug hingestreut, sind die Dörfer mit den Hütten, drinnen wohnen schlichte Leut, mit viel Fleiß und guten Sitten
Deine Scholle rauh und hart, ist nicht sonderauserkoren, doch wir sind nach Väter Art, Heimat ewig dir verschworen, wer im Grunde dich erschließt, fragt nach keiner süßen Labe, liebt dich wie du grade bist, und vermißt doch keine Gabe.

Lyrics of traditional Vogtlandlied

Old Bellows Falls Arch Bridge over the Connecticut River between Bellows Falls (Vermont) and North Walpole (New Hampshire) in United States

On thy lov'd banks, sweet river, free
From wordly care and vanity,
I could my every hour confine,
And think true happiness was mine.

Sweet river, in thy gentle stream
Myriads of funny beings swim:
The watchful trout with speckled pride;
The perch, the dace in silvered pride;
The princely salmon, sturgeon brave,
And lamprey, emblem of the knave.
From the Ode To Connecticut River
Josias Lyndon Arnold

16 August 2017

Saint John Bridge spanning the river Nysa Klodzka in Klodzko (Poland)

John of Nepomuk, confessor of the queen of Bohemia, refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional. At the behest of King Wenceslaus of Bohemia he was thrown from the Charles Bridge in Prague and drowned. John of Nepomuk is patron saint of bridges and this bridge takes its name from him.

Bohemian legend.

10 August 2017

Narrows Covered Bridge over the Sugar Creek in the Turkey Run State Park, Indiana (United States)

I came upon a covered bridge
Weather-beaten and old,
Where deep blue stream and wooded ridge
Were framed in twilight gold.

It was wonderful to see
A scene so old and quaint,
A rustic masterpiece
That only God could paint.

I stood by that old bridge,
And watched the stream flow by,
While gentle winds caressed the trees
That touched the Hoosier sky.

Arthur Franklin Mapes

Scarassoui Viaduct over the Roya River Valley in Fontan, Alpes Maritimes (France)

Un bello e orribile mostro si sferra,
corre gli oceani, corre la terra:
corusco e fùmido come i vulcani, 
i monti supera, divora i piani;
sorvola i baratri; poi si nasconde 
per antri incogniti, per vie profonde;
ed esce; e indomito di lido in lido
come di turbine manda il suo grido

Poema Il Treno
Giosué Carducci

09 August 2017

Bridge in Xitang Ancient Town (China)

“The fate of the bridges is to be lonely; because bridges are to cross not to stay!” 

Mehmet Murat Ildan

02 August 2017

Sidi Rached Bridge over the Rhumel River Gorge in Constantine (Algeria)

"You do not introduce Constantine. She introduces herself, and you salute her. She reveals herself and we discover each other." 
"She bursts forth like a glance from the dawn, and she runs on a horizon that she astonishes and raises up," 

Malek Haddad, Algerian poet

Centennial Bridge crossing the Mississippi River between Rock Island (Illinois) and Davenport (Iowa) in United States

The Rock Island Line is a mighty good road
The Rock Island Line is the road to ride
The Rock Island Line is a mighty good road
If you want to ride you gotta ride it like you find it
Get your ticket at the station for the Rock Island Line

Lyrics from Rock Island Line
American folk song by Clarence Wilson

21 July 2017

Pont Vieux (Old Bridge) over the river Gave de Pau in Orthez, Pyrenées Atlantiques (France)

"..Une brigade de la division Le Cor avait reçu l'ordre de tenter de pénétrer dans Orthez par le pont que l'ennemi avait incomplètement détruit. Elle fut impuissante à se frayer passage jusqu'au moment où l'ennemi eut évacué la ville et marcha alors sur Salles-Pisse par la grande route."...

Marquess of Wellington  about the Vieux Pont in the Orthez Battle

15 June 2017

Brooklyn Bridge in Nueva York City (United States)

“I once started out
to walk around the world
but ended up in Brooklyn,
that Bridge was too much for me.” 

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

12 June 2017

O'Donovan Rossa Bridge over the Liffey River in Dublin (Ireland)

They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools! - they have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa

10 June 2017

Kornhaus Bridge across the river Aare in Bern (Switzerland)

Le duc Berchtold V. von Zähringen ordonna au seigneur Cuno von Bubenberg de bâtir une ville sur la presqu'île recouverte d'une forêt de chênes. La légende dit que le duc aurait tué un ours et c'est pour ça que Berne s'appelle Berne. "Bär" veut dire "ours" en allemand; après quelques changements, c'est devenu Berne. D'ailleurs le drapeau de Berne représente un ours.

Legend about Bern origin

09 June 2017

New Bridge crossing the Tigris River in Hasankeyf (Turkey)

The town of Hasankeyf in eastern Turkey faces flooding now that parliament has decided that a controversial dam will go ahead, despite local objections. Turkey launched the Ilisu dam project on the river Tigris in the 1950s, but legal battles tied up work on it until 2006. It foresees the flooding of more than 300 sq km (120 sq m) of land, including nearly 90% of Hasankeyf.
The government says the dam will provide the country with much-needed power generation and improve local irrigation, but critics complain that thousands of years of cultural heritage will be lost....

About Hasankeyf
BBC News, 2nd february 2016

Ponte Sant'Angello over the Tiber River in Rome (Italy)

"The Roman evening either keeps still or it sings. No one can behold it without growing dizzy, and time has filled it with eternity"

Jorge Luis Borges

22 May 2017

Albula II Viaduct near Bergun, canton of Graubunden (Switzerland)

"Probably the most beautiful land, the one that I more felt involved is the High Engadine"

"The most beautiful cradle I know for a great river."

Hermann Hesse about this part of Switzerland